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08 March 2006

sweet mustache! willickers!

so i spent the last week and a half or so growing what might have become a badass beard, only to cut it down in its prime tonight. but fear not, reader. for like a phoenix from the ashes, a totally sweet mustache now crouches menacingly on my upper lip, ready to attack.

i don't know how long it'll last. i'm guessing not long. but i'm determined not to lose my nerve tomorrow morning and shave it before work, so i will wear it publicly for at least one day. i'm just going to tell everyone who asks that it's a dare and my idiot friends are going to give me $100 or something. they'll believe me because i'm the kind of guy that might have the kind of friends who would do that kind of thing.

i'm ready for my close-up.

in other news (not that anything else matters, not really, not when there's a mustache around), i almost went nuts and plopped a bunch of chicklet links over on the right side there to try and drum up some traffic. but then i guess i decided not to for now, because everyone fucking hates those things. so maybe you could just tell your friends to stop by or something. and then i could maintain a shred of e-dignity. (hah.)

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