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12 March 2006

the stale taste of recycled air

when i put a t-shirt on, i usually don't bother to fix it if it's inside out. so i guess about half the time, it is. today it is. and there's a string hanging off the right shoulder and it keep catching my eye while i wander around my apartment today, so i keep turning expecting to see someone standing behind me. it freaked me out pretty bad while i was cooking breakfast. bad enough to sit down and write about it, but not bad enough to cut it off.

i leave tomorrow for san jose, where i'll be working until i fly home on the red-eye on friday night. i'm too old-school (read: too poor) to have a laptop, so i doubt i'll be posting from there very often. maybe i'll try to jump on and give you an update if something super-rad happens. but considering what i'll be doing there, the chances of that are slim to none. i do hope to do some writing while i'm there though, since at night i'll be in a hotel room all by myself without much to distract me other than television. so we'll see if that pans out. i wish i could bring my guitar.

although this isn't my first business trip (more like my 2nd or 3rd) i still find myself a little uncomfortable with the fact that i am a guy who goes on business trips and gets cash advances and hands in expense reports and stays in hotels i could never afford on my own and sits in middle seats on red-eye flights. i just never imagined being that guy. i don't know what i imagined. i don't even have anywhere to go with this, i just wanted to put it out there. i accumulate frequent flier miles. i sit in 22c. i eat my pretzel nubs and i like them. i have a box of business cards and i pass them out with a smile and a handshake. and i try to remember that there's more.

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  1. I feel you on the whole 'business travel' thing. I am sitting here on what i like to call 'limbo day' - the day before you get on that darn plane to go overseas. For me that means a minimum 14 hour flight, crammed into that middle seat in economy trying not to tear your bloodshot eyes out of your head and desperately wanting to kill whoever is controlling the air conditioning. I feel somewhat sad about losing the next two weeks of my life to a business trip. Granted there are much much worse things that could happen, and it it probably going to be quite fun, but like you there is something that just gets to me about it. I know i wont be sleeping well tonight what with that mixture of tense anticipation and nervous excitement. All i really want is two weeks off work to destress and hang out with my boy. Want to skip boring con and go to SXSW and represent for me???? ;-p