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28 March 2006

everyone (myself included) is a wimp except my brother

so far i only know one person who actually watched that video, and that is my brother. he's way tougher than me, and even still he admitted that it made him kinda sweaty, he couldn't stop his leg from twitching, and even though he forced himself to watch it all, he did have to minimize it once to catch his breath.

so that's all on that. turns out not even the guy who sent it to me actually watched it. i accidentally clicked on it when i was making sure it posted right and saw about the first second, which was long enough to see how big the mouse was and realize that there was no way in shitty hell that i wanted to see what was to come next.

survey says...potty.

things have been good lately in the watched pots camp (it's really just an apartment in queens). work's been going well, i'm getting over my cold and can sing again, and i'm finally starting to feel like i want to finish recording this record and move on with my life to bigger and better things with louder drums and wicked guitar shredding. of course, it's all just talk until it really happens, but i'll keep you posted.

i haven't got much else to say, i just wanted to put something up here to inch that nightmare down a tad so i wouldn't have to look at it whenever this site loaded. you understand, no?

1 comment:

  1. I watched the first little bit, just up to when he grabs the mouse and then i wimped out too.