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25 September 2006

oh suck

so it looks like the version of the record that i uploaded to rapidshare doesn't work anymore. that was "mirror 1." at this point i kinda think most people who really wanted the record have downloaded it so i'm not going to bother replacing that mirror.

if you haven't downloaded it yet and you want it, it's available and it always will be right from this very site if you use "mirror 2" on the music page. I didn't advertise it before because i didn't want to get f'd on bandwidth usage since i pay for very little pipe but i think going forward unless one of these songs ends up on laguna beach or something i'll be able to handle the traffic.

i'm going to spend a bunch of time tonight changing around some of the lesser-used parts of because i'm bored, basically. yep.

21 September 2006

it's like you said. all i am is what i'm going after.

i suppose it was only a matter of time before this fairy tale ended and cold, hard reality reared its antennaed head. today on the front porch of my new apartment, i saw the biggest goddamn centipede i have ever seen in my entire life. granted i'd never seen one at all until 2003, but this one was still by far the biggest. not so much longer, but definitely fatter. and faster. and greyish, instead of the usual brownish yellow. 

we're talking about as thick as a cigarette. at least a virginia slim. i thought about running upstairs to get my camera and running back down to get a shot to show you, but then i figured he and i would probably meet again soon enough in probably a much more uncomfortable situation (maybe he'll dart out from underneath my comforter in the morning when it ended up on the floor the night before) because that's just how my experiences with these guys seem to go.

why didn't i just kill it, you ask? because i fear and respect and honor him as my enemy. and because he was not technically inside a combat zone (the house) and because he didn't make any sudden movements in my direction, we just shared a moment and went our separate ways, both knowing that one day, it might not end so peacefully. you know the scene in heat where pacino pulls deniro over on the highway and then they have coffee in some diner and then at the end they tell each other that now that they've met face to face if they have to kill each other they won't hesitate because that's who they are and that's what they do but they won't enjoy it? it was kinda like that. 

i'm pacino. or i guess "vincent hanna."

Vincent Hanna: You know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas. You do what you do, and I do what I gotta do. And now that we've been face to face, if I'm there and I gotta put you away, I won't like it. But I tell you, if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're gonna turn into a widow, brother, you are going down.
Neil McCauley: There is a flip side to that coin. What if you do got me boxed in and I gotta put you down? Cause no matter what, you will not get in my way. We've been face to face, yeah. But I will not hesitate. Not for a second.

18 September 2006

if i drew this by hand it wouldn't look much better

i always carry my camera around with me but i never think to take pictures with it so i can't really show you what i'm talking about. but i went to a pizza place today on the upper west side near columbia university that had the hugest pizza slices of all time. and i was really in the mood for pizza.

since i didn't take a picture while i was there i drew you one tonight when i got home:

here comes the aeroplane open up the hangar

i've been listening to a lot of placebo this weekend.

14 September 2006

still in boston. maybe forever.

hey again. another expensive wifi dispatch, this time from logan airport, this time even more pointless than the last. my flight's been severely delayed because it's raining in new york.

conferences like the one i was just at basically consist of smiling and shaking hands and playing nice all day long and then drinking too much at night and waking up too early in the morning to do it all again. and after three days in a row of it the absolute last thing you want to find out is that your flight has been delayed and you're going to have to sit in an airport.

well, maybe the absolute last thing you'd want to find out is that there's a kitchen grease fire in your hair and water will do nothing to kill the flames. or that you have an aggressive intestinal parasite. but flight delays are up there.

13 September 2006

know thyself


the reason i am poor and always will be is that i strongly and seriously considered plunking down ten dollars for this.

11 September 2006

business trip

i'm in boston for work. it costs $10 to get on the internet from my hotel room but i paid it because i wanted to tell you how i was in the bathroom today at the convention center and i heard a guy on the phone with his bookie while he was doing #2 and he put $50 on washington for the game tonight.

i just checked and they lost. haha potty guy.

omg and i just heard someone watching a dirty movie through my wall. this hotel is too fancy for shenanigans like that.

my laptop battery is dying. later.

10 September 2006

a picture is worth a thousand words

so i'll let this one do most of the talking. it's probably my favorite picture that i've ever taken. and i'm not in it, but i think it serves pretty well as a summary of my life the past few weeks.

this is sean in the bar that's basically next-door to our new place. when we walked in, it was right behind two girls about our age who immediately turned around and walked right out. which is how i knew it was my kinda place.

i don't know what was on his finger and i don't think i want to. you can ask him if you want. we also never found out whose birthday party it was.

03 September 2006

why it takes me three weeks to move

the reason it takes so long for me to pack up all my shit and move it is that i keep everything. here's some scrap paper i scribbled lyrics on.

ladies and gentlemen...

if these walls could talk

based on some other things written on the page (appointments, names) i'm 99% sure this dates back to the fall of 2001.

which is significant because it illustrates just how long it takes me to go from an idea to fruition. "if these walls could talk" appears to have taken me close to 5 years. file me under people probably not destined to be prolific songsmiths.

01 September 2006

thirst for knowledge and one percent milk

today i began an epic undertaking in the name of science and knowledge. i'll almost definitely go down in history for this comprehensive set of trials to determine the perfect amount of rolos to eat in one sitting.

rome wasn't built in a day, and thusly, it may take weeks, months, years before i come to my conclusion. so far i know only this: the amount i had today is a few too many. stay tuned for more details and maybe a few spreadsheets and graphs. you know, real professional looking shit. maybe a powerpoint. i don't know how you expect me to secure grant funding without that stuff. it's a competitive world out there. you need to bring your a-game. go animal or go home.