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05 September 2005

another day another dollop

nathan's of coney island. a beacon of light to all those whose desire for immediate umami (umamory? umamatory? umamological?) satisfaction far outweighs their aversion to the resulting gastrointestinal anomalies and (on a longer timeline) hardening of the arteries.

i'll have a large chili cheese fries and a classic dog with sauteed onions and sauerkraut. better make that to go. see you in the bathroom and in the hospital. this was so worth it.

some news that doesn't matter:

i've made a few hardly noticeable changes to the layout of this site. basically to make blog syndication work more smoothly. who cares, right? well, me. i care. which is why i did it. and i guess if you're one of the few people who syndicate this with a reader, you care too. so i did it for me and you, bucko.

also, keep your eye on the song lyrics, i'm thinking about adding a little anecdote under each one to clear up some confusion about where i was at when i wrote each one. in reality this will probably only create more confusion. i am really only doing it to have something to do.


  1. That was one sexy usage of the word "umami."


  2. i was looking for the taste equivalent of words like olfactory or auditory, but instead i learned of a newly recognized dimension of taste. thanks to the powers that be for teh intarnets.

  3. How about "gustatory" after the first part of the latin name for taste buds?

  4. yeah dude. knew i could count on you for the right word. i probably just shoulda asked you before i posted. but then i wouldn't have any hot babes telling me my usage was "sexy."

  5. Two things:

    1) I just made that shit up.

    2) Umamammory does sound way hotter. 'Cuz it sounds like it could also be about boobs, which is a plus.

  6. Holy crap, I just realized gustatory is actually in the dictionary. Damn, I'm good. Okay, I'll stop cluttering up your blog now.