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07 March 2006

i miss providence

it's been a good month for providence bands. a few weeks ago zox announced that they've signed with sideonedummy, and now today monty announced their new deal with stolen transmission. kinda makes me miss that town. in new york bands get signed all the time and it's no big deal. what's happened in providence recently is huge, and it couldn't have happened to two bands who deserve it more.

ok, i'm done gushing.

all day today i planned to go see jaymay on the lower east side. i even dressed cooler than usual (i know, i didn't think it was possible either). but then i got stuck a little late at work and then a little bit in traffic and she was going on early and by the time i got home i would've missed half her set so now i'm sitting here in my pajamas.

my little brother's been sending me demos lately of some songs he's been writing and they sound pretty good. i don't want to get ahead of myself (or his self) but if he can get his shit together and move to new york a band of brothers might form; the likes of which has never been seen. sure, there have been lots of great bands featuring siblings before. i'm just saying we'd be better than all of them. you calling me a liar? (fun fact: my great uncle's stepson was in band of brothers. i have no idea what i would call him. step-2nd-cousin-once-removed? whatever. he's a nice guy. not that i've spoken to him in years.)


  1. Fun fact about me: trying to figure out the appropriate term to describe one's familial relations makes my head hurt. So "step-2nd-cousin-once-removed" just made me hemorrhage out my ears. Thanks.

    I still call being roadie when the Watched Pots -- Band of Brothers tour kicks off.

  2. i would consider nobody else but you for the job. sorry about your ears. cleanup on aisle 6.