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04 March 2006

please please treat me bad. i'll treat you good.

alright first things first: i'm clearly still alive. and seeing as well as i was yesterday before my new adventures in green-fi. i did have some intensely vivid dreams that i woke up from pretty delirious, but that could be unrelated.

i did not end up recording any vocals like i said i was going to. there's a good reason that i don't want to bother explaining, so let's just say my shit wasn't as together as i thought it was. i'm getting antsy about the whole thing though, so it'll happen soon. i give myself my word. a man is only as good as his (s)word.

i did write a new song today. it's the first song i've ever written that's actually structured like a pop song; verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus. i'm proud of myself for that. and each section has different chords, which i'm practically beside myself about. that just doesn't usually happen around here. it's called "please please" and it's not very heavy (maybe even a little funny), and it clocks in right at 2 minutes. it even has 8 bars for an instrumental solo built in.

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