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29 March 2006

back in action

well, i'm back on track. i spent a few hours tonight recording new guitar tracks for "a viking's funeral" and it always takes a few days of listening to it before i'm sure but i've got a really good feeling about this stuff. i had to transpose the whole song up (not sure if i've mentioned this before) so i could sing it better, and that meant re-recording pretty much everything. tonight was guitars.

tonight was also the first real work i've done towards the record since something like january. and i feel gooooood. here's to hoping i crank out a bunch more before i go cold again.

if i could change one thing about my current situation, it's that i am eating a salad from a bag right now, but what i really want is a mcdonald's double cheeseburger. other than that, i'm a happy guy.

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