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28 March 2006

just when you thought it was safe to sleep

i wish i could just ignore this but i'm compelled to say something, since i know you might only be here out of centipede trauma solidarity. my friend chris, who lived in the same house as me when that song was written, just sent me along this video of an enormous centipede totally fragging a mouse. don't watch if you don't want nightmares.

i guess people keep these things as pets?

in the interest of full disclosure i should admit that i have not even watched it. i simply don't have the stomach for that kind of thing. the preview picture alone is enough to make me sleep in a bee-keeper's suit for the rest of my life. but you know, if you want to watch a massive arthropod kill and eat a mouse, then i guess you are welcome to do it here on my humble site. tell your friends.

i'd also like to include what chris said about the video because i thought it was poignant:
"that motherfucker would chew through your glass from tealuxe like a ritz cracker, fuck your girlfriend, then make you knit him a multilegged sweater. you'd prob have to put argyle patterns on it too."
methinks someone should consider a career in the literary arts.

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