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21 March 2006


i got gas all over my hands today filling up the ol' wheels, and pretty much since then i haven't done much other than sit here sniffing my fingers. not consciously (obviously) but every time i stop concentrating on not doing it i catch myself. you just can't wash that damn smell off. like lady macbeth, kinda. that whore.

in other news, i suppose i should confess to you that i'm a huge dork and bought some video games recently. and um...something to play them on. it's been a long time since i've allowed myself to get into a video game. they made me kinda emo for a while. long story. not telling. but i've just cracked open syphon filter: dark mirror for the psp (after i laid a whupping down on megaman: maverick hunter x), and i think for a few days it'll be a good distraction from all my other distractions. whatever. this is totally irrelevant.

at work today i spent a lot of time working on rss syndication and all this web stuff and i learned some things out of necessity that maybe i'll apply to this website if i ever get sick of tasering terrorists.

i just smelled my fingers again.

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