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02 March 2006

honey get your carpetbaggers off my back

i might have written about this before but i can't remember and i can't be bothered to go back and look. (note to self: figure out how to integrate a search into this thing.) but springsteen's concert from the hammersmith odeon in london that came in dvd form with the born to run 30th anniversary edition is now available seperately as a 2cd record. listening isn't quite as magical as watching, but i'm glad they did it because i can't be bothered to sit down in front of my tv for 2 hours very often.

i've had "for you" on repeat from that show for the past 45 mins or so. it's a rocker on the original record. he played it solo on piano in this show. walks out for the encore all alone, and sits down in front of the piano where he hasn't been all night. who knew he could even do that? nobody in london, i'll bet. and i can't back this up with any stats but i'm going to guess that more songs have been written about heartbreak than most other things. i'm going to say this is one of the all-time best.

because it's about the kind of heartbreak you really only have once or twice in your life. after that you just don't have the energy. the kind where you keep coming back, you keep running yourself through the grinder over and over. and you're too young to know better and she's too young too.

nobody over the age of 23 could've written this song. and the lyrics don't even make that much sense when you read them, but when you hear them they are gospel truth.

it's like being one of those silver balls that people have on their desks that click-clack into eachother ad nauseum. how far can you get away before you swing on back? how many times to you have to get hit before you finally come to rest right where you started? and when can you finally untether?

and the tables turn in this song. there is responsibility and irresponsibility and irrationality. i'm sorry and you're sorry and neither of us know what else to do so we just do this until we both collapse and i love you but i'm going to hit you where it hurts because you deserve it. because i can't help it. and i'm sorry. and i'm sorry.

"i came for you, for you, i came for you. but you did not need my urgency."

and you live and learn and grow and maybe you have a scar or two to show for it. and maybe, if you're springsteen, you write one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

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