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17 January 2006

rising sign

i'm not usually a "now playing on my mp3 player" kinda guy but i'm listening to mike doughty's skittish right now (the real one that he autographed for me and i gave him an awkward handshake and sputtered out some bogus shit at the met cafe in providence (r.i.p.) not the one you can buy in the store now but whatever they're the same). this fucking guy, man. i know you can hear his songs on gray's anatomy or whatever now and those songs are ok but seriously. listen to skittish. because he doesn't even come close on his current record.
"i've seen
the dangers of
your rising sign
but i swear
i'd like
to drink the fuel straight from your lighter
it's all inside the wrist, it's
all inside the way you time it
i resent the way you make me like myself"
if i ever write something that good please hire a ninja(turtle) to put me out of my bliss before it wears off on its own.

i saw an old guy on the subway tonight reading a schedule for queens library's english classes for speakers of other languages. he was underlining times he could make it, from what i could tell. for some reason it put a big fat grin on my face. i guess i just like people that do things.

1 comment:

  1. it is nice when older people take adult education courses, whatever it is in! I understand why it made you feeling ever too grinning over stupid things...