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11 March 2006


this post is really just an excuse to put up a picture of my mustache in action. drinking a 40, even. i wonder what they say in heaven when they want to say "a match made in heaven." because that fantastical, mysterious utterance, whatever it may be, is the only combination of words that could do justice to my mustached self firmly grasping an olde english "800". in the language i speak, anyway. sometimes i wish i knew chinese because i bet they just have a symbol for that shit and it'd be problem solved.

i came very close to buying a bass today. which would've been a terribly stupid thing for me to do since i am poor, which is why i didn't do it. until i come into some money, and then i can tell some douchebag at guitar center or something that i'm feeling "saucy" and make sure to call him "my good man." don't be an asshole to waiters because they can fuck with your food, but sometimes i think it's fine to be a bit of an asshole to music store guys because most of them would rather pee in your hair than help you and they probably talk shit about you when you're out of earshot. like that thing that happened to me that time at sam ash. sons of a bitch.

if you're wondering at the title of this post, it's the word of the day over at i check that sometimes when i'm bored, and i thought it was radically appropriate today, because while last night started out innocently enough, it got a teensy bit out of control and i spent most of the morning feeling mightily crapulous. that's a good word. i'm going to try really hard to remember it. because when you say it people will be pretty sure you're just making it up but then you can link them here and then you pretty much dominate them for all time.

if you're wondering when i'm going to get over this shitty mustache thing, umm... i guess i am too. but it's not today.

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