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17 November 2008

Watching the wagon roll away, dusting myself off.

So, I'm drinking coffee again. Which isn't really such a big deal, except that I was pretty successful in quitting it for a pretty long time. I was prepared to chalk my most recent transgressions up to temporary relapses and not full-monty abandonment of my commitment, but then the other day I didn't just have a few sips of the stale pot in the office that someone else made. I paid for it. With money. Twice.

That was nice while it lasted.

In related news, Dunkin' Donuts Egg White Veggie Flatbreads are kinda gross.

In completely unrelated news, I finally got around to purchasing one of these Mad Peck Providence posters, only 4 years after moving out of Providence and thinking to myself that I'd like to have one. If it was concern that they might be expensive, and I'm not sure that it was, it was probably just inertia, then that was a very silly reason to wait so long, because it turns out they're actually only $5 before shipping. F'ing sweet.