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19 March 2006

just another rider burned to the ground

so the mustache. it's gone because as the novelty wore off i started to realize it was just making me really insecure whenever met someone new. and i was at a conference for work meeting tons of new people and feeling even more sheepish than i usually do. the booth next to mine at this thing was full of girls in bikinis handing out beer and talking about buying and selling used network equipment. it really just had to go.

the counting crows. they were amazing and completely renewed my interest in their first two records. and maybe a few songs on their third. it's funny because august and everything after is one of the records i look back on and think that when my mom gave me that record for christmas she really set me going in the right direction. and then recovering the satellites came along, and it wasn't as accessible, it was a rock record for the most part, and i felt like i belonged to something when i got to know it better. so they're old news now maybe, but they've contributed some fantastic songs to the world and i guess that shouldn't be forgotten. i snapped a picture but it's not great because you can't quite tell how portly adam is:

i didn't do any real writing in california like i thought i might be able to. i was just too tired and even though my hotel room had a separate shower and bathtub it was missing any kind of writing utensil. i did a lot of thinking though. i'm always doing a lot of that. maybe someday it'll get me somewhere.

yesterday morning when i got home from the airport and tried to sleep for a while i had a dream that i worked at home depot or something and a girl i used to know asked me if i could get her a discount on some carpeting or something. the details are fuzzy. and i remember i didn't really want to give it to her but i said "yeah, sure." then this guy comes out of nowhere and said "i need you to do that for me, too." and i guess he was supposed to be her new boyfriend or something so we got in a fistfight and i lost. there are very few things more emo than losing a fistfight over a girl. good thing it only happened in a dream. another way to look at this, if you're into talking about dreams, is that if you are losing fistfights in your own dreams then you are pretty lame. but i'm choosing not to look at it that way.

i ended up sleeping on the floor at my friend's girlfriend's apartment last night with a bunch of other people like a slumber party only for people in their mid 20's. so that was pretty weird and i woke up feeling pretty crappy in my back. still do. and i'm so goddamn tired.

tonight i'm shooting for some really awesome sleep. we'll see how it goes.

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