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23 March 2006

sugarcane aeroplane clusterfuck scatterbrain

  1. the most persistent memories are the ones where things didn't happen, not the ones where things did.
  2. let's please be adults about this.
  3. i just burned the shit out of my mouth on leftover pizza.
  4. i don't like the way you're looking at me.
  5. i let you think you had me fooled but trust me you didn't. i know everything.
  6. every single thing anyone does means something to someone.
  7. it's bound to happen sooner or later.
  8. you know what i mean.
  9. it might finally be time for a haircut.
  10. i think i'm getting sick. i will not let it affect my plans.
  11. you better think long and hard about what people are going to think about that.
  12. or drink long and hard.
  13. i have no plans.
  14. i wish i had bigger muscles.
  15. i met a guy in california who stepped on a rake and it hit him so hard in the forhead that he went deaf in one ear.
  16. everybody i meet has badder-ass stories than me. i cut my thumb really bad one time. i broke my wrist roller skating.
  17. it still hurts. no, not my wrist. but that still hurts sometimes too.
  18. actually there was that one time i took a baseball bat to my nose. that was kinda badass.
  19. i am still angry.
  20. i am still sorry.
  21. i am still nowhere.
  22. i've been stung by bees a lot of times.
  23. even more times by birds.

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