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19 January 2006

sea green see blue

this will be a plug. only i don't know if it counts as a plug since this girl doesn't have a clue who i am. this will be a promotion. no, an endorsement. recommendation? all these words suck. i am going to tell you about a girl who sings songs and who i've slowly been becoming obsessed with. in a musical sense, i mean. i'm sure she's very lovely company too, but i wouldn't know. i don't talk to girls.

right. here's the point. listen to her. and i mean really listen. hard. her name is jaymay and she's from brooklyn and the songwriting is out of this world. (her official site is here but it's under construction i guess.) she's not so huge yet and plays nyc a lot, if you're vigilant you can probably see her for free somewhere and really, you must. because she'll go somewhere and people will be talking about her (unlike someone i know (me)) and then you'll have missed the boat.

she just put up a few new songs on her myspace page and actually a recording that was done the first night i saw her: "you are the only one i love" from the living room. that was the same night i saw josh pyke play an awesome set and then nora jones got up with a little jazz band later on and did a few impromptu songs for about 20 people in the room. you guys should hang out at the living room. fucking cool shit happens there.

i've been cycling through these songs for about 20 40 mins so i figured i'd just get on here and tell you about it.

also...thanks to everyone who's said something kind to me about my dog and to everyone who bit their tongue at the temptation to tell me i was being melodramatic. she was a good dog and we'll all miss her very much.


  1. i love jaymay. she's fabulous. then again, i've only heard her recording-wise, never in person. maybe i should make an effort considering i live in brooklyn and all.


  2. Love the comment above this... blog spam?

    Anyway, thanks for the link... good stuff there. the living room looks like a cool place to hang out. alas, 3 hours is a bit too much to travel for that. i'll keep an eye (ear?) on that page, though, for more new stuff!