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13 January 2006

creepy crawlers

the other day i had a sort of business lunch. this doesn't happen often where i work, but sometimes it does and i'm pretty cool with it because it means i'm eating for free.

we went to boston market. meatloaf with creamed spinach and macaroni and cheese, please. thanks.

considering i work where there are about ten thousand businesses, i was surprised how empty the place was, but whatever. easier to find a seat. i am making this story too long already.

so we talk business for about 45 minutes, and then since none of us are aching to get back to the office, the conversation just drifts. and it wasn't me (miraculously) who did it but somehow the conversation ended up about bugs.

and a few cockroach and centipede (mine, of course) and palmetto bug stories later, we had laughed enough and were ready to head back to work. so on the way out my sorta boss does something i would never ever do and says to someone eating alone "excuse me."

"weren't you sitting all the way over there before?" he asks.

turns out the guy had been sitting directly behind me so i never even noticed, but not long into our stories the guy got up and moved. something about 3 inch palmetto bugs coming out of hot tub jets turned his stomach, i guess. wimp.

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