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11 July 2005

so let's play doctor babe

a while back i met this kid named nick who was pretty cool. he directs music videos. long story short, he asked me if i wanted to be in this shoot of his, so i was like yeah ok. it was like an 11 hour day of shooting and lifting this dead-weight girl up ten thousand times, for a 4 min clip. but it was totally fun.

anyway, the video's finished now, so you can watch it if you want. i play the french maid. no, i'm kidding. i'm the doctor. the guys in rufio were pretty cool. and notice how freakin' strong i am to lift up the bass player over my head near the end. goddamn i rule.

but just because i am posting again don't think you're off the hook to go listen to "a viking's funeral" about a million more times. do it here, here, and here. come on people, show me you care. i put the lyrics up in the music section in case anyone's keeping track.

note: even though i couldn't help naming this post what i named it...senses fail is everything that is wrong with emo music. and you can tell them i said so. actually no wait don't.


  1. Don't worry, man. I'm not hip enough to get the reference. Or even know who Senses Fail is.

    Oh, and yer link to the music video? 404'd!

  2. Man, that video was fuggin' sweet. It seems like it would've been really hard to make, what with all the moving about and quick cuts and such. I would ask if you hooked up with any of those girls, but I guess that would be ungentlemanly.

  3. Noice. I think it made my life. And thumbs up for lifting that bass player over your head.

    Did you ever do anything about the Head Automatica video?

    I will admit, Senses Fail is on my iTunes... but each have been played like, once. It was impulsive downloading. Like shopping, only free.


  4. don't need to justify yourself to me...they're clearly on mine too. that's how i know they're potty.