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15 January 2006

are you underestimating me or am i overestimating myself?

i went out this weekend with money burning a hole in my pocket and picked up a pretty sweet digital camera with the help of an old friend from high school who has been my electronics shopping buddy for as long as i can remember shopping for electronics. if i do say so it's pretty f'ing sweet. i've never had one before so of course i was out last night taking pictures of cupfuls of beer and coathooks and whatever else i could point and shoot at to the minor annoyance of most of the patrons of cheap shots.

then messing around with it again this morning i deleted all of it. oops.

at any rate, at some point soon when i'm feeling especially pouty and vain and i'm having a good hair day i'll take some pics to replace all the stale old pics you see around at purevolume and myspace and all that which were all taken a while ago on my lame camera phone.

i guess the real point is, i no longer have to worry about having rolls and rolls of undeveloped film continue to accumulate. now that i have a digital camera, i can concentrate on shrinking instead of growing my collection of pictures i've forgotten i took, and see what comes up.

should make for interesting blogging, if nothing else.

i can't believe i use the word blogging now. what has become of me?

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