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10 January 2006

i don't care if he's great, i just hope he's lucky

first of all, i remembered something i wanted to write last time but forgot. i am never buying the clementines with dora the explorer on the box again because like 4 of them were moldy and most of the other ones have at least 20 seeds a piece and clementines aresn't supposed to have fucking seeds god damn.

tonight i had 4 trains to catch and all 4 rolled in right as i arrived on the platform. and i got a really good parking spot this evening. and i saw match point which was totally intense but i would recommend it to you if you asked me if you should see it. work wasn't so bad today either. i just heated up some leftover pasta and i didn't heat it enough so most of it was cold but other than that i'm gonna say this day can be notched up as a victory. i'll sleep with a smile on my face tonight.

oh yeah another thing. in nyc it doesn't happen that often that you're the only one on a street and when it does it feels pretty weird. but what is way worse is when you find yourself with one other person and you're both on the same side of the street walking in the same way at different speeds. tonight i was behind a guy who was way bigger than me but the street lights must've been making my shadow look like the incredible hulk because he kept glancing over his shoulder. i was going faster because i was in a rush to get home and check out some new tunes i got so eventually i had to just pass him which was awkward. then i was getting nervous because some big dude was behind me. i love this city.

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