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30 January 2006

listen to this show tonight. thank me later.

barring the remote possibility that there are 2 beat up blue ford expeditions in new york city with bumper stickers that ask "have you hugged your cat today?" i was behind the same exact car this morning and this evening on my commute. figure out the odds of that one.

also my big toe on my right foot has been absolutely killing me all day. there is no logical explanation. i'm blaming paris hilton.

the real reason i'm writing is to tell you that one of my favorite bands in the fucking world is playing tonight on the radio and it's in pittsburgh but it streams everywhere so if you're around between 9 and 10 tonight (they are playing for a whole hour!) you really should listen to endless mike and the beagle club on pretty much every band you like sucks in comparison to these guys.

unless you like springsteen. he rules no matter what.

i finished a toilet paper roll tonight so i'm going to listen to that whole show pretending i'm a pirate.

it was awesome. i hope you listened.


  1. excruciating pain in the big toe is a sign of gout. if the pain seems to come and go randomly, it may not be random at all. or it could just be paris hilton :)

  2. wow. that doesn't sound like i want it one bit. thankfully it doesn't hurt today. does that mean i'm cured?