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06 January 2006

how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya

tonight's friday night but instead of going out like i usually do for some potent potables i indulged myself in a book and some good music and a candle that smelled like berries.

the book was one of the narnia books, which even though i've yet to see this huge blockbuster all the press has motivated me to reread them all since i remember loving them so much as a kid that i would read them at recess when everyone else played kickball*.

and the music in case you're curious was jeff buckley's grace and is now elliot smith's from a basement on the hill, both of which are albums i came to a bit late (moreso for jeff buckley), but i'm not ashamed to admit that and every time i listen to them i hear new things and i keep going back and listening to songs multiple times.

if there were a doctor who made his practice from ordering things like nights with children's literature and great songwriters cut down in their respective primes, then i would say that tonight was just what the doctor ordered. but since there isn't that'd be silly.

change gears.

i'm hearing still that myspace is cantankerous and collicky. i'll be putting that new song up at the pulverradio site before i go to bed tonight which hopefully should work.

* no wonder i used to get beat up. i will never teach my own kids to read until after they've learned karate.


  1. I don't know what else you like to read, but check out William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition." That one kept me up late, to the exclusion of getting anything else done, two nights running :)

    I got in trouble in elementary school for reading under my desk while we were learning long division. I already knew long division. So unfair! LOL

    Hope that pulverradio is behaving, 'cause Myspace has been dumb lately...

  2. i never liked long division myself. especially because the name implied there was a shorter way to do it and they just weren't telling us yet. sonsofabitches.