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04 January 2006

but one inch the other way and you would've missed completely

there was almost another truck vs. bridge today on the northern state parkway, but this time i guess the truck realized it was a bad matchup and hit his brakes pre-disaster. nevertheless, it slowed down my ride a bunch because there were a bunch of cops trying to figure out how to get the guy off the road during rush hour. no big deal really, i just wanted to use the term "truck vs. bridge" again.

in other more relevant news (to this particular website anyway) i'll be posting "triple deke" a little later tonight to the myspace page. listen to it if you get a chance and let me know what you think.

if the past is any indication (and the past is always an indication) i'll probably make a few more changes to it (maybe add some keys?) before i officially call it done, but i kinda like how it sounds now and maybe you will too. it's going to be the first song on the record and probably the only one that'll even sound close to how i'll perform it live since i'm really just one guy.

so there's your disclaimer. enjoy.

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