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16 January 2006

the phone rings

last night i went to my friend's place in manhattan to watch the premiere of 24 and to drink every time it went to split screen, the clock appeared, jack did something with his sunglasses, someone got shot, or we just felt like it. those things happen a lot. really.

before the show we ate steak and potatoes, though, which is really the point. because i was in the middle of a very nice dream this morning around 8:30am when my phone rang and scared the living hell out of me. i answered with what probably more resembled a gargle than an actual word, and then i heard my friend, who sounded worse.

"hey, you haven't been up all night sick*, have you?"


i hadn't. i'd been sleeping awesomely, and i still feel pretty awesome. but now in the back of my head all day today i will be waiting for some horrible sickness to strike.

also i just wrote about 20 sentences about how it's dr. mlk jr. day today and be good to each other and all that, but it kept reading like a sermon and who needs a sermon from a guy like me on a day like this? ah well. at least you know where my head is.


* actually he was far more graphic about it and i originally posted his exact words but when i read it over a few hours later i realized how incredibly gross it was so i changed it. if you ask me privately i'll tell you what he said.

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