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04 January 2006

if i have to hear this guy sing along with the dukes of hazzard theme song again on his cell phone i am going to kill someone

i don't know if you watch college football. i'll be honest i don't either very often. but tonight i have had at least 6543789162 heart attacks watching the orange bowl. i was going to write something about playing guitar but now i am just too rattled.

it's triple overtime. my hands are shaking.

i am considering a career change. i will be a field goal kicker. not.

if i had missed those kicks, it would really mean a lot to me that my teammates would stand in front of me to block cameras from seeing me cry. that kinda warmed my heart. of course the camera men still found a way.

ok. there it goes. psu all the way.

i am never ever going to be able to sleep tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Dude thats mum cried the whole second half of the Socceroo's (australian soccer team) qualification game for the World Cup. Even when they won she was too distraught to celebrate hahaha Crazy Lady.