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05 January 2006

warning: atrocious metaphor contained within

so i heard from a few different people that myspace was being shitty last night and that's just a dirty shame and i'm sorry. i just tried it now and it seemed ok, so if you tried listening to the new song last night and couldn't, give it another shot for your old pal mikey.

and thanks for your feedback so far. seems like most people think it sounds alright, which is alright with me.

and while i'm at it, a special thanks to you if you've been telling your friends about this stuff. you are the ultraviolet rays from the sun by which this little dandelion photosynthesizes.


  1. "you are the ultraviolet rays from the sun by which this little dandelion photosynthesizes."

    Did you make that up? Can I steal it please? Might come in handy on my next "Vote for Josh Pyke in the Hottest 100" spam mail to my friends (oh and if anybody is reading this comment and wants to vote here is the link:

    Oh and on Triple Deke - love the narrative, I am so into narrative driven songs at the moment. Two thumbs up...

  2. yes...everybody do vote for those songs. of course, you should listen to them first because they're lovely. but then be sure to vote.

    and yes i did make it up and i'd be flattered if you stole it. but i want a proper mla citation. :)

  3. deal! next time i send a bulk email I will use it and cite the reference....