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01 July 2005

some site updates

greetings and happy july 1. today's a holiday in canada you know. i found that out this year. god knows what for, but they all have the day off.

anyway, tonight i have to drive from nyc to my old hometown (monroe, ct. represent.) and i'm sitting around waiting for a time when traffic might not be so stupefyingly bad. so i got bored and did some things to the site. you may have noticed there's a links section up now. want a link to your site there? it won't do you any good because nobody reads the thing, but if you want one just drop me a line (comment this post) and i'll make it so.

a note on how the news section has become more of a recovering-emoholic support group than a news section about the music of a non-existent band: the band doesn't f'ing exist man. i gotta fill the page with something. i wish it could be like "so today me and my awesome guitar player and awesome drummer and not-that-good-but-we-keep- him-in-the-band-because-chicks-think-he's-hot bassist went into the studio to lay down some tracks with a grammy winning producer" but for now it's just me and so the news section is what it is.

also, i put an easter egg up on the site. it's a song i didn't write but i did record some time ago. more people liked it than any song i wrote that i know of, but i took it off all the music sites because i didn't write it. anyway, if you can find it and you want it you're welcome to it. don't go and give it away to everyone else though, then you'll ruin their fun. i hid it like a sneaky guy, and they'll have to find it like sneaky guys just like you, you sneaky guy.


  1. It took me a while, but I found it, beeyotch. That's some good hidin' right there.

  2. i had you in mind, my friend, when i decided to hide it. somehow i knew you'd be the first to find it, and probably the only to comment on it. you, sir, are a gentleman, a scholar, and god's gift to women.

  3. Michelle just told me you were in Monroe. That makes me happy.

    Did you know that Greek kind of sounds like Spanish?

    <3 from Athens,