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09 July 2005

a viking's funeral - demo

yo. so i got up early today, played music for 12 hours, and it's done. the demo, that is, of the song i've been talking about forever. so far only my brother's heard it, but he said "shit man. this is HOT" so that's pretty cool.

here's the deal: i don't have a bass in this apt so there's no bass part. and my computer crapped out in the 11th hour (literally) so the ending is kinda lackluster because i was just trying to finish it without exploding this thing. and i only had about 2 tries at the vocals for the same reason, so give me a freakin' break.

as for the piano (see the entry below) i practiced it a whole lot, and played it about 10 times before i got it right. listen to it though, it's such a simple thing. next i'll try to learn to play with two hands and all my fingers.

ok, enough babble. listen to it here or here and let me know what you think of it. i think i'm going back to bed.

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  1. Man, that shit was hot. And the piano sounded fine. How'd you do the drums?

  2. the drums? that's just tom the drum machine. named after tom the real guy who was the flakiest of all people ever. he was a good f-ing drummer though.

  3. That was cool. And by cool I mean totally sweet. So sweet it makes me want to kick my mom in the face.