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05 July 2005

scroll buttons get ill, like a heart attack

driving back into nyc last night from my weekend respite in connecticut, i saw guys shooting fireworks off overpasses right over my head. and we're not talking little bottle rockets here, we're talking some heavy shit. in fact, there was some pretty heavy shit flying around all over the place. off of fire escapes, sidewalks, building roofs. where do these people get their rad fireworks?

i ♥ new york.

also, if you view this site with internet explorer:
  1. you are a dying breed.
  2. i customized the scroll bars. now they're black and white. f yeah. but only you, faithful ie user, can reap the benefits.
let the record show that i, in fact, use firefox.

mom's leftover macaroni salad is balls-to-the-walls good. i wish every day could be the day after the 4th of july.


  1. I would just like to point out that you used the word "balls" and "mom" in the same sentence.

    Scroll buttons so smooth like the butter on the muffins.

  2. indeed i did. i hold an indefensible position.