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13 July 2005

i have a paper here that entitles me to fast track status

got my ASCAP membership in the mail today. makes me feel pretty legit...even though i'm pretty sure they'll give one to just about anybody. i've got a membership number and everything. and apparently i can get a discount renting a car now.

all this really means is that if i take the show on the road now, or ever get any radio play anywhere, i get paid. performance royalties, my friends. dollar signs pop out of my eyes.

so i'm copyrighted (remember?), and i'm in ASCAP. now all i have to do is put together a band, write a great record, tour to support it, and get in heavy rotation on every station in the country. the paperwork's done...everything else is smooth sailing.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, if you ever want to tour St. Louis, I'll get you the hookup. Y'all can stay in my apartment.