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24 July 2005

quick like a bunny

yo. so today i was in the shower and a lyric kinda came to me so i jumped out (the shower still skeeves me out a bit anyway, see below) to write it down. next thing i know it's about 2 hours later and I've got a song completely written and a demo of it recorded.

now granted the lyrics may change a little bit, and the recording sucks, but i'm kinda proud of it. it's got a last-song-on-the-record feel to it, and i think you might like it. it's called "new york city" and you're encouraged to listen to it and tell your friends about it and listen some more. i'll probably only leave it up for a few days, until i get a better version of "a viking's funeral" finished, at which point i'll be putting that back up.

it's available to listen to at all the usual places: pulverradio, myspace, and purevolume.

ps: i did a lot of work on the rest of this site this weekend, just making it look better and shit. take a look around. it's more...elegant.

1 comment:

  1. That made me smile the way Triple Deke did.