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08 July 2005

art is hard

so i've been trying to make myself proficient enough at piano (read: radio shack keyboard) to record this song that i decided just absolutely needs a little piano part. kinda like that time i tried to teach myself harmonica. now, i'm not even very good at guitar, and i play that all the time. harmonica i managed to fake well enough. turns out i suck at piano. i even took lessons for a few years when i was a kid* and i'm still completely useless.

to calm my nerves, i took some time to bang some nails into the walls of this apartment to hang my newly acquired dart board tonight. so come over and i'll whup your monkey ass in darts (unless your name is kevin, then you beat me at everything all the time you sonofabitch). the hammer i use to do this shit around here is scary, because it's really old and when i swing it i'm always afraid the head will fly right off the handle and the claw will hit me in the eye. which would suck, but also be totally manly.

* from a lady named mrs. dick. her husband's name was richard. dick dick. not kidding.


  1. Hey, I don't know jack shit about recordin' music, but is your keyboard MIDI capable? Have you thought about just using some kinda program (NoteWorthy Composer is one I like) to write out the music and have it midified?

  2. I play the piano. If I wasn't 3000 miles away, I would try to teach you. Then again, I was never one of those children who actually bothered to learn any theory, so more than likely, I'm useless. But I can at least teach you the notes!

    I'm still afraid of darts. And dart boards. If you can rid that phobia, then I'll play with you. And you can kick my ass at it, because, well, I've never really played before.


  3. you both are good piano players. damn.

    i did the best i could...and i recorded a demo of that song. you can hear it soon.