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27 July 2005

katie please don't hang up the phone

so let the record show i've been diligently working on "a viking's funeral" and it's getting much closer to being presentable. i keep talking about it because it sounds so good in my head, and i'm so excited about it, but the process of bringing it to life the way i want to has been way harder for this one than for others.

my major fear now is that i'll finally get it to where i want it to be, post it, and then you'll think it's overproduced, or in some other way potty. but yeah, i'm only a little worried about that.

keep checking back here, it should be ready in just a few days. or join the mailing list to the right, and you'll be the very first to know.

oh and i almost forgot. this had me laughing so hard today i cried.


  1. Two thoughts:

    1) I really like the New York City song.

    2) When I first read the title of this post, I thought for a second that you were dating my ex-girlfriend. Then I realized it was the opening lyric of Viking's Funeral. So, uh, wait...are you dating my ex-girlfriend? 'Cuz if you are, that's ok, but you should know she's a bitch.

  2. i was just getting caught up on my watchedpots news and noticed this fantastic new song. really great. maybe scrubbing your balls with baby cockroaches inspires great music? keep it up, boo.

  3. to dg: bros before hos, man. don't worry your head.
    to anon: really glad you like the song. and thanks for shouting out my balls.