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02 August 2005

all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go

i made the text on this page justified. normally, that would be the highlight of my week. but this is no normal week. i leave thursday morning for san francisco, to hang out with some old friends from school, and hopefully to come back in one piece a week later.

here are a few things i'm looking forward to:
  • beer
  • that big bridge they have in that city
  • that crazy jail you can see from the bridge
here are some things i'm not so much looking forward to:
  • flying out of jfk airport at 7:15 am
  • coming back to parking tickets on my car
  • 10,000 phone calls from work when shit goes wrong and i'm not there
all in all though, it should be a great time.

and now, so that i can claim this post had something to do with the music:

i'm going to wait until after my trip to post "a viking's funeral" because i think it's done but i'm just not sure yet so i want to mull it over for a while and probably listen to it on my ipod a million times on the plane.


  1. Enjoy the nice weather. Say hello to the Haight. And my brother, if you happen to run into him.

  2. If you bump into anyone named Dara or Rebekah Simmons, tell them I said hi. They're my cousins. They're really cool people, so it's possssssible, as cool people tend to migrate towards eachother.




  3. i went to the haight. i was offered for purchase a multitude of elicit drugs.