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31 August 2006

it's done

i'm sitting here in the dark in our new apartment in brooklyn, drinking a beer that promises a higher than usual percentage of alcohol and delivers duly on said promise. i'm waiting for sean to get home from work and then he'll grab one too and we'll sit on the balcony and watch the subway go by.

i don't live in queens anymore. at all. i live in brooklyn now. there are boxes everywhere.

i just realized i left something in the fridge in the old place.

i left a lot of things in the garbage. a lot of things i'll live without just fine.

it's amazing how much shit i accumulated at that place. i never really thought i was a pack rat. well, maybe i always knew i was. but i've never been so squarely faced with the fact. the place in queens was the first place i stayed in for more than a year since i moved out of my parents house.

i feel like there should be something more to say. but all i can think of is some pseudo-psych about new beginnings and starting over and boy oh boy is that a steaming pile.

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