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22 August 2006

the internet is a pain.

i'm feeling pretty under the weather today. which is a drag because the weather is absolutely lovely. i set up another mirror for the album at yousendit. you can download the record here. it's nice because it's way easier and you don't have to wait like with the other one, but it's a pain because it expires after 7 days. and if you think i'm re-uploading this thing every week, you've probably never met me. so hurry hurry if you want to get the record off yousendit.

of course all the download options are still available on the music page.

ps: did you notice all those neat little icons i added in the sidebar? if i spent all the time i spend doing idiot things like that to this website in a constructive way like reading physics textbooks, i'd probably already have that time machine.

(this is mikey from the future. now you do have the time machine. it was worth the wait.)


  1. worth the wait?? no waiting needed with a time machine. as long as you finish it before you die, send it to your young self and you get to enjoy it for your entire life. and you won't have to build it again when you get older.

    .. i wonder if future mikey was waiting until you made this blog post to visit you ..

  2. but what happens to old-you once you send the time machine to young-you. what if he gets himself killed before he reaches the age you currently are. i wonder what it would feel like to instantaneously cease to be. maybe this time machine was a ba