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14 August 2006

one reason i won't miss this old apartment

centipede on my wall

no sir i won't be missing this fella or any of his brethren one bit. i took my eye off him for a second to put my camera down and he was gone, too. god damn.

in other, slightly less disgusting news, i've decided to go with a new mailing list provider (read: actual mailing list provider) going forward with this site. so long, yahoo group. i'll miss ye.

i'm really shitty at using the mailing list anyway, so if you sign up you might not get anything for months, but i'd appreciate (especially if you signed up with the old one) it if you'd put your email here:

1 comment:

  1. i read the other day that the bugs with all the legs eat roaches! it was in time out, so it must be true.