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01 September 2006

thirst for knowledge and one percent milk

today i began an epic undertaking in the name of science and knowledge. i'll almost definitely go down in history for this comprehensive set of trials to determine the perfect amount of rolos to eat in one sitting.

rome wasn't built in a day, and thusly, it may take weeks, months, years before i come to my conclusion. so far i know only this: the amount i had today is a few too many. stay tuned for more details and maybe a few spreadsheets and graphs. you know, real professional looking shit. maybe a powerpoint. i don't know how you expect me to secure grant funding without that stuff. it's a competitive world out there. you need to bring your a-game. go animal or go home.


  1. At the risk of spoiling the thrill of the hunt and forcing you to embark on another, possibly lengthier crusade, I'm pretty sure the answer to perfect amount of rolos to eat in one sitting is:

    "one more"

  2. when you're right you're right.

    i ate that whole bag and sean was pissed because it was his.