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25 August 2006

some words

  • why do rooftops and balconies feel so much more outside than just being outside at street level?
  • i've started really working on the songs that've been patiently waiting in my head for me to finish the last batch. well, that's a lie. i've started really considering starting working.
  • thanks.
  • now playing: r.e.m. - country feedback.
  • over and over and over and over.
  • do this, get that.
  • you pretty much can't count on me for anything.
  • i hope i never write a song with a parenthetical title after the real title.
  • i'm happy these days. whether or not i should be.
  • i understand things now that i didn't before.
  • i'm not being vague. i'm being artistic. ok i'm just being vague.
  • listen to the record.
  • i have a bunch of bruises and i only know where about half of them came from.
  • bullet points are for lazy people.


  1. This is my theory on the balconies: in the city, the constant presence of other people/machines/buildings combined with the lack of greenery at STREET LEVEL prevents you from feeling the outside. Being on a balcony brings you up so the buildings are smaller and there's less people around, also you can feel the air around you since it's less crowded and there's a lot of it beneath you instead of just above and to the sides of you and having to be shared by lots of other fast-moving people. Like, you have to be able to feel the space, and you can't with all that other crowded stuff.


  2. i think you're probably exactly right. good thinkin', lincoln.