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17 August 2006

if you want something done right find someone who knows what they're doing

it came to my attention this evening that downloads for two (2) of the songs on the music page were malfunctioning.  fear not, all ye faithful, it has been fixed and the responsible parties have been disciplined accordingly.  as the post below suggests, the record is done.  pending me burning a final version tomorrow and converting all the .wav's to high quality .mp3's, of course.  i aim to remain true to my earlier promise to have it all up for download by friday evening.

in other news, i had a beer with davis and cody from endless mike and the beagle club tonight at the beer garden in astoria.  they're well.  and we can expect their record soon, which is good news for anyone who likes joy and happiness and maybe marshmallow peeps (in moderation).  it will be so much better than mine (and every other record you'll hear this year) that you will cry.  tears of awe.

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