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06 August 2006

prototypical potty guy -or- why i mostly avoid -or- this guy really sucks

in which this blog becomes my cathartic punching pillow:

i've been stewing over this for a few days now. i had a really shitty exchange with a guy i sold some tickets to on ebay. and it kept me angry for days. so i figured i'd just spew it all up here.

some background: a while back i bought some tickets to see brand new play in hartford because i was so beside myself that their new york show had sold out in minutes and i hadn't gotten tickets. it was on a weeknight but the plan had been that i was going to skip work that day and drive up. then a second nyc show was announced and i was able to get tickets. and then my brother (who was going to come to hartford with me) started a job and wouldn't have been able to come.

so, wanting to recoup my money and not wanting tickets to see one of the greatest bands in the history of the world go to waste. i put them up for face value (about $40) with the option to buy immediately for $70. the show was only 2 days after, so i was going to have to fedex overnight the tickets upon payment ($18.50, roughly). all of this was fully disclosed, obviously.

what follows is the series of emails i traded with the guy who buy-it-now'd me for $88.50. it's all over and done with now and i finally got my money, but seriously. what a butthead. i am so incensed that i'm even one-time-only allowing capital letters on here.

warning: this might be totally boring for you. and it gets a little colorful and controversial at the end.

included is all pertinent correspondence (except for personal info).

i'll be blue. he can be brown. like doodoo.

first, i sent the paypal invoice:
PAYPAL ONLY. I'll ship the tickets out to you FedEx overnight, with signature confirmation. They should arrive sometime Tuesday, please make sure your shipping address is correct and someone will be there to recieve the package, or that you will be able to retrieve it from your FedEx location prior to the event.

Please email me at [xxx] if you have any questions.

Thank you again for your purchase.


I am going to pay tomorrow but around 5 pm in the afternoon. I know thats late, but can you still overnight it?

Let me know

[name and address]

Take it easy...


It's all set to go and I'll drop it in the fedex box at work as soon as I see notification of payment. Even if that means they don't pick it up until Tuesday morning, you'll get it before the show Wednesday.

Do you want me to make it so that someone needs to sign for it, or is it ok for fedex to just leave it on your door?

They can leave it at the door, that's fine.

The payment might be sent around 3 or 4 pm so lookout for it.

Many thanks!


ok so then 5pm came and went and i still didn't have any money. but i dropped the tickets in the fedex box anyway because if i didn't, he would never get them in the time for the show. and i said:
Still haven't recieved payment...

Hey bud,

Is tomorrow morning too late or do you need it asap? I could send you $75 (my paypal is messed up) right now and the rest tomorrow morning.....sorry bout that let me know ASAP.

75 now and the rest tomorrow is better than none now… I’d like the money asap.

then he sends me $70, not $75. i was starting to get annoyed. and i tracked the package through fedex and saw that it arrived. so:

You now have your tickets, which I sent in good faith. Please send the remaining money you owe me by the end of tonight. You still owe me $18.50.

Yeah thanks so much...just got home and received them. Listen, my Paypal is still messed up.....if you can wait one more day that would be great. If not I can send you a M.O. through the mail. Sorry for the inconvenience....


What is wrong with your paypal account?

They closed my another one and refuse to let me do any transactions, I had almost 2,000 in it. I'm using a back up.

Listen, I'm not going to scam you just because you sent the tix. I owe you the shipping and I will either send CASH, a MO or wait a little for Paypal. Don't think your not going to get your money...



Ok then…MO for $18.50 would be best then.
Send it to me at my work address:

[my work address]

Enjoy the show tomorrow night…

and then i never heard back. that was on a tuesday. when i had still not seen a money order or even an email reply by the following tuesday, i sent this:
I'm disappointed that I still have not received the rest of the money you owe me for the Brand New tickets. I had thought you were sending a Money Order.

I'm giving you until the end of tomorrow for the $18.50 you owe me to arrive, one way or the other.

admittedly, that came off harsher than i meant. i guess i was thinking i was going to leave him negative feedback. but here's where the shit hit the fan:
Are you threatening me? Jesus christ. I've been away in Washington, DC with no internet access. I was just thinking about that recently.

Anyways I'll Paypal you tonight, its fixed. For now, chill out bud. Life's short.

fght of yr dmons


and then another night went by and he still didn't pay.
It wasn't a threat. I just want my money. Which, by the way, you AGAIN failed to send when you said you would. I'm just really tired of having to hound you for $18.50. It's just the principle of the thing. We're not talking used cars here. We're talking concert tickets. We didn't set up an installment plan in advance. So please paypal me the money you owe me. Like now, Scoob.

Hey man..I'm paying you tomorrow. But I would love to punch you in the mouth till you fucking bled like the fucker you are...



Payment Details

Amount:$18.51 USD
Transaction ID:[xxx]
Subject: Hey
Note:Are you a jew? Fuck em'.

and then in case i missed his lovenote in the paypal email, he cracked this last one off as well.
Are you jewish? Fuck em'. Enjoy the extra cent... YAHWEH!
my (admittedly lame) final retort was:

ZOMG TAHNKS!!! A+++++!!!

and that's basically where it ends. it's been a few days now with no further volleys.


  1. ok. so i'm not the only one who thought that was awful. :) good to know.

  2. Can i have his details? I want to play some hideous spam email prank on him or something. Wanker. But then he does listen to Brand New, so it's to be expected. HA!

    Anyway its way past my bed time - "Battlestar Galactica" just came on the TV, that's when you KNOW you stayed up too late.

    Oh one more thing - i hope wanker isn't a really offensive word to American's or something. We Australian's have potty mouths i think. The british banned our tourism TV campaign because it has the word "Bloody" in it. Is that really offensive in the US too? I always feel nervous using 'profanities' in my comments on your blog. Please advise.

  3. in america, if we're not talking about fcc regulated television or terrestrial radio, there are no such things as offensive words anymore. wanker is completely innocuous, and as far as i know, always has been. bloody, too. americans never say either of those, but not because they're offensive. just because they sound so much less terriffic in our accents.

    the only words that get a reaction anymore these days are the racially charged epithets. but even those are well on their way to being shoulder-shrug commonplace.

    i had a debate with my parents recently about the state of the world. hell in a handbasket kinda shit. this reminds me of it.

    anyway, look at me ramble. please feel free to wanker-ify my blog with abandon. :)

  4. oh good. I plan on learning French soon, so then i can actually make literal use of the expression "Excuse my French". Yay! That had no relevance.