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14 August 2006

is this thing on?

i'm testing out some new blogging software. wysiwyg-type shit. know what that means? congratulations, you're at least as dorky as me.

it may or may not be cooler than just using the blogger interface. basically from what i can tell it downloads the stylesheet from your site, so you can see what your shit will look like before you post it. ideally, you should know anyway, but as anyone who reads this site with internet explorer can attest, i'm often vanquishing that sweet menu there on the right to the very bottom of the page by posting pictures that are slightly too big. firefox is better and smarter and doesn't have that problem. but i'm not here to judge you.

this program does some kinda neat stuff with pictures, too. so if it turns out i like this, you might start to see a whole bunch more pictures. i took this one today.

i am blurry.


  1. are you talking about windows live writer?

  2. yep. i am talking about exactly that.

  3. "wysiwyg"

    Wait, but, you mean I'm a geek? Bwahahahaha. Yeah. I know. :)

    You are blurry! And the site looks fine in the IE that I am forced to use at work, bleh.

  4. yeah...i'm trying to be more proactive about checking ie compatibility these days. this software helps with that too, since it's by microsoft.

    not being able to customize your work pc is a total drag.