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30 April 2006

her daze and her nights

i've been reading a pretty good book this weekend called miss misery. it's not the greatest book i've ever read, but it's got a great soundtrack (can books have soundtracks?) and it takes place in new york city and namedrops a ton of places i frequently find myself. and as far as lines go, it's got a few real winners sprinkled about, which is where i got the title for this post. it's about blogging, kinda. but also it's about music and new york and being young and an idiot. basically it's really emo and i am eating it up.

it's come to my attention that the songs available for download on myspace are working kinda funny sometimes (downloading without file extensions?! wtf). this can be solved by just editing the filename or whatever and adding ".mp3" to the end of it.

i had an absolutely lovely weekend. but i'm very sleepy now because of it.

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