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20 April 2006

i want you to have these.

there are some things that i knew in high school that i don't know anymore. in high school i knew that eventually, all things would find a way of working themselves out. i used to tell people so all the time. i guess that's the kind of thing you think before you've had your ass kicked by the world a few times, or before you've spent much time riding the new york city subway. what me worry?

also i knew how do to delta/epsilon proofs pretty well and i had a real knack for standardized tests. and i was a much better bowler.


i just scratched my face and found a tiny spot that i missed shaving this morning. that's going to drive me f-ing crazy all day.

it's 9am and i'm at work, even though the office doesn't really open until 10. when i am king, the first thing to go will be alternate side street parking laws. the second thing will be tom cruise.

i can think of at least one person who will cringe when they read this, but lately i've been listening a lot to powderfinger's odyssey number 5. and bloc party. still love bloc party. and all the wolf music.

there are 4 songs available for download now at the watched pots myspace page. most of them have been up there streaming for a while, but you can download them now if you want. you are invited and welcome to send them around to anyone you think will like them. you know, not that i think you'd hesitate without my permission. you intarweb folks are an impulsive, lawless bunch. j/k, lolz!!!!!!111one srsly.

...all those songs will eventually appear on the record, which will be given away for free online as well, although they might still see a change or two before they're officially finalized. lyrics and other song info are available in the music section.

oh and one more thing. this happened in lil rhody this week. i've been meaning to show you.


  1. nice explosion!! my favorite part is the loud guy..."whoa-ho-ho! and where's the bridge? the bridge is GONE!"

  2. I am cringing. I still like you though...i just have a little less respect ;-)

  3. yeah lucas, the guy is totally the best part of the video.

    fyi, i still watch it at least twice a day.

  4. I bet that guy has grandkids and he does that "got your nose, where's your nose gone? it's gone, where is it?" thing that used to drive me nuts when i was a kid.