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01 April 2006

always carry a demo

so last night on the subway i saw someone i certainly wasn't expecting to see. but everyone knows he's a total weirdo so i guess no matter where you see him or what he's doing you shouldn't be surprised to be surprised. rivers fucking cuomo. sitting on the f train like he's been doing it his whole life.

so i gave him a cd. (always, always have your demo on you. that's rule #1.)

my phone rang this morning but it was still on vibrate so i didn't even hear it, but he called me to say he liked it. he said he was about to get on a plane but he liked a few of the songs and wanted to talk to me more about them in a few weeks when he gets back home. i can't even try to call him back because it was a blocked number.

i am absolutely freaking out. what could he want to talk about? does he want to take me under his wing? maybe he wants me to support weezer on a tour. or maybe he wants to tell me i'm a retard. i have no idea. i guess i just have to wait it out.

i love new york.

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