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14 April 2006

can't sleep dishwasher will eat me

my dishwasher just made a fearful noise unto the heavens. i am going to sleep while it's still running. assuming it doesn't walk across the apartment and kill me in my sleep, i expect to find in the morning that it at least claimed some of my dishes as victims.

i bought a new router today and spent 2 hours configuring it only to be convinced it wasn't working right. then to be told by my friend online once i plugged in my old one again* that the model i got has been plagued with problems and he wished i would've asked him for advice first. so i guess i'll be returning that. i know this is harsh but i'm just going to say it: i have never ever had a good experience with a linksys router ever. they suck balls.

a qualifying remark: while i consider myself to be pretty good with this sort of thing, i really don't expect you to take my advice seriously when making your home networking purchasing decisions. that's personal and you can do what you like, kinda like voting.

it's been a while since i mentioned this and he's suddenly back on track, so you should head on over to the ex-girlfriend project and get caught up.

today a melody came to me while i was on the street and i sang a voice memo into my phone. i have never done that before.

i was all set to write a really self-incriminating entry today about something i'm not proud of, but then i got distracted. i think i'll probably still do it eventually, so i won't give anything away just yet.

* that's right. there was nothing wrong with the old one. in fact it's been running smoothly for years now. it just doesn't have wireless and i need that now. for dorky stuff.

1 comment:

  1. my netgear router is good. I am now tech nerd...

    please write incriminating blog. I need some good goss and your blogs are my only blogging inspiration...