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16 April 2006

swedish blood irish heart

  1. wait, are you asking what i want or what i'll get?
  2. i have a small spent a small fortune on musical equipment but my favorite guitar is still the first one i ever bought.
  3. some of my favorite clothes were my favorite clothes in high school.
  4. i hope you had a nice holiday weekend.
  5. mine was pretty awesome. i went to maryland.
  6. i found out i've got some swedish blood in me. i guess my great great grandfather was swedish and an athiest and a communist and he used to send propaganda to the rest of the family all the time.
  7. and i saw a baseball game. a guy took his shoes off there.
  8. gross, dude.
  9. my hands shake a lot because i drink a lot of coffee a lot.
  10. also, these days i get really nervous smiling for pictures because i've had a couple major duds lately.
  11. there's nothing worse than ruining a picture in which the other person looks awesome.
  12. because then they might just cut you out of it.
  13. and there's also nothing worse than that.
  14. this is an ordered list which is hardly ordered and not really much of a list.
  15. in case you're going crazy wondering, my dishwasher didn't actually break anything.
  16. i'm going to give away all my songs for free. once they're finally done.
  17. and once i have a place to host them.
  18. and once i'm really really sure they're done.
  19. because bob lefsetz told me to.
  20. that guy is a curmudgeon.
  21. when i got back into nyc from maryland i finally plugged in my camera. so here's the only picture i tried to take of jaymay that night. i didn't want to use a flash, so it's basically useless. but i think some people actually pay photographers to take shitty photos like this on purpose.

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