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02 April 2006


when i moved into this place going on 2 years ago it was a pretty stressful time in my life. i had just quit a job that i hated but that i could've stuck with and made good money at forever to move to a city where i knew almost nobody to take a job that i had no idea if i could succeed at and even if i could i would probably be poor forever because of how much it costs to live here. there was this thing with a girl too but i really don't want to go into it.

my parents helped me move in that day. see, in new york when you get a place they have to inspect it and make sure there's no lead paint and all kinds of other stuff. it takes time. more than i had anticipated. so i ended up moving all my shit into my parents garage in connecticut between providence and queens.

so i loaded up my car with what i could, and my dad rented a van to fit all the rest. and they met me here and we loaded boxes and boxes and garbage bags into this little home of mine and then my dad left to return the van and my mom stuck around to do some things that honestly would still not be done if she hadn't done them. like shelf liners in my cabinets. thanks mom.

it was so fucking hot that day. and i didn't (still don't) have air conditioning. but we were starving and we did some grocery shopping to get me started so one of the first things we unpacked was the ol' george foreman grill and made some hamburgers with pickles and ketchup. and even though the actual beef patties were totally gross (i'll never buy "big mike's" burgers again) that was one of the best hamburgers i ever had. me and my mom sweating it out in my brand new apartment.

anyway. today was the first day of this year where it was warm enough for me to open all my windows and walk around in a t-shirt and run some errands in the neighborhood and i guess something reminded me of move-in day. so i went to the store and bought myself some hamburgers and i made myself one of the biggest cheeseburgers ever.

and it was good.


i've been listening a lot to what i've recorded recently, and i think it's safe to say that although it needs a ton of remixing, it's all keeper-material. so i need to sing some more backup vocals, but it's very very close to one more song in the bag. you're going to like it.

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  1. Don't you just love how random memory-triggers can be? I was so glad for the nice weather this weekend, too. Alas, it was apparently just a tease. Bah.

    On a side note, I watched maybe the first 20 seconds of that centipede video. *twitch*. you're right; I'm too much of a wuss to watch it all....