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12 April 2006

don't breathe. that's impossible.

some people have it and some people don't and lately i'm becoming more and more convinced that there's really nothing more to it than that.

i went to see jaymay last night (since i can't say enough good things about her i'll keep it short). but she introduced one song as one of the first songs she wrote on the piano she learned to play on and it was really quite beautiful.

the first songs i've written, for the most part, are not so great. which is why you'll never hear them.

now maybe she meant that it was just one of the first songs she wrote that she thought was good, or maybe she's just got more talent in her little finger than i do in all mine. i lean towards the latter.

not that it matters really. she's amazing and she'll go places and people will talk about her.

as for me, all i've really ever wanted was to have a few people clap for me in a bar for something other than being intermittently good at darts. i'm gonna do that sometime soon.

the title of this post is just something my friend chris said to me today after he gave me some good advice that i'm sure we both know i won't take. if you read it like "breathing is impossible" (which is what i did at first) then maybe you can walk around all day feeling like you're a miracle or something.

1 comment:

  1. dude. i think all the music you've written since you picked up a guitar is awesome.

    what are you talking about?